Straight packs

The Chef Inspired prides itself in having the flexibility to conform to the most demanding of customer needs.  Besides our standard assortments, we offer our customers the possibility to order customized desserts. 
These products can be:

  • Straight packs made with existing flavors
  • Custom desserts developed by The Chef Inspired
  • Custom desserts made with our customers proprietary recipes

Please contact us to discuss your special needs and tap into our long co-packing experience.

Minimum volume quantities are required.

Lemon tartlet
Coconut custard tartlet
Tropical fruit tartlet
Key lime tartlet
Raspberry tartlet
Apple crisp tartlet
Raspberry mango tartlet
Tropical key lime tartlet
Chocolate banana tartlet
Coconut custard tartlet
Raspberry cream cheese brownie
Peanut butter brownie
Cream cheese zebra brownie
Blondie brownie
Raspberry cheese tartlet
Raspberry crumb tartlet
Lemon tartlet
Turtle tartlet
Hazelnut ganache tartlet
Pecan fudge tartlet
Plain cheesecake
Chocolate cheesecake
Mocha cheesecake
Berry cheesecake
Milk chocolate peanut butter tartlet
Cafe au lait tartlet
Chocolate decadence tartlet
Dark mint chocolate tartlet
Chocolate banana terrine tartlet
Baked chocolate truffle tartlet
Chocolate truffle tartlet
Lemon meringue tartlet
Pecan fudge tartlet
Almond tartlet
Apricot crumb tartlet
Raspberry ganache tartlet
Key lime tartlet
White chocolate cheese tartlet
Cranberry cheese tartlet
Cherry tartlet
Mango tartlet
Orange chocolate tartlet
Irish coffee tartlet
Pina colada tartlet
Amaretto tartlet
Peach tini tartlet
Chocolate cherry cheesecake
Lime cheesecake
Banana caramel cheesecake